Pro Nois.

The art of tailoring as an instrument of a vision. A path of awareness.

Pro Nois is the expression of an open, mobile society, rejecting the idea that our clothes define us. 

Masculine and feminine, practical, formal, elegant or smart, these are insignificant parameters. 

The truth is that clothes acquire meaning the moment we wear them. We shape them through our personality, we infuse a part of our soul into their fibers. Pro Nois collections guide us on this path of awareness, where tailoring takes on the dignity of art, becoming the instrument of a vision.

Our Mission.

Promote creativity and ideas.
Create a space open to confrontation.

An open workshop. An evolutionary, shape-shifting concept. A human environment that rejects the heavy superstructures of the fashion system to focus on people and their needs. The need to find each other, the freedom to know each other, the luxury of loving each other. This brand was born to inspire trust and creativity. To bring beauty into the world, as well as and the freedom to be oneself.

Our Values

Pro Nois is in love with people and their potential,
fulfilling itself through the same values of a love relationship.


There is no love without trust. Without the ability to give ourselves to others, the awareness of knowing and understanding each other, the certainty of being in the right place. Safe.


Trust is an act of courage. It requires making a choice, exposing yourself, naked and vulnerable. Taking risks. Loving each other is the bravest act ever.


A long-distance vision. It means taking care, engaging, knowing and protecting your resources. Build something positive for yourself and your community. Something that is made to last.


Pro Nois is a lab. A mutant concept. A workspace, where open confrontation generates a new language, which goes beyond the paradigm of normality.

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